I'm Back and in a new town!

it's that time of year again! i am ready to see the new sites here in our new town of Fredericksburg, Virginia. how exciting!

a lot has been going on since my last post. new post coming at ya later today!


day 14

today i stowed away and headed to the big city of atlanta.
it was HUGE.
i saw a lot of my NP friends at a party they attended.
so i hung out by the window on the 41st floor to see the sights!

next we headed to a local treasure called 'the varsity' it was louder in there than it is in the toy room at the NP on christmas eve! they had the BEST chili dogs!!!

then we went to buckhead ( i didnt see a single buck while we were there though) to let the kids ride the pink pig at lenox square. (lenox is the name of my uncle)

all in all it was a fun filled day and i was worn out when we finally got home!!

day 13

i went over to the house my cousin jingles is stationed at .... which just so happens to be my boy's cousin's house! what are the odds of that?
after our mini reunion we made the most awesome fort ever! (just like we do at the NP)


day 12

here are a few photos from the past couple of days.
tomorrow should prove to be an interesting day as i am hitching a ride with
my boys family to the big city of atlanta. im anxious to see what's in store for us there!


day 8

i havent been able to get out much in the past few days.
it has been raining here and there is a chance of SNOW tonight!
but here are a few photos my documentary crew captured of my indoor mischief.


day 4

i went out and did some black friday shopping. i was so worried i'd get trampled so i left my camera in the car. my documentary crew got this shot of me watching the mad dash in the toy section of walmart at midnight.

then after visitng several other stores we went to see happy feet two (in awesome! santa needs to start showing all of our north pole movies in 3D!)

all in all it was an adventure that i'll never forget. i can't wait to tell everyone back at the NP how crazy it is down here!


day 3 black friday eve

today is black friday eve. im looking forward to being able to experience the rush and madness.
i don't know about santa but ive made my list and im checking it twice!